Painture Fraiche

 Today was a big fay for my cherie, he graduated from the university. I didn’t expect that he will get his diploma that early and I had no present for him. So I decided that we can go to choose a gift for him together. Surprisingly for me he loved the Hermes ties(he is not into prints or fashion) and we chose the light blue Kite Surf tie form spring/summer 2013 collection. But then mon cherie decided that he is going to buy me the no reason scarf. I was the happiest person on earth at that time. We looked to all that stunning silk creations, but I’m too picky and it took long time for me to choose the one. Mainly it was hard to decide among the two Robinson Chic and Painture Fraiche both in light blue. And then I realised It doesn’t matter which one is beautiful, the most important is in which I feel beautiful. Painture Fraiche was that one which made feel the femme from Riviera. So here it is.

Kite Surf tie, Hermes

Pauture Fraiche scarf, Hermes
Painture Fraiche

2 thoughts on “Painture Fraiche

  1. Anonymous says:

    I love the tone you set in your articles. Everything is laconic and straight to the point, and of course I love your taste in fashion. You choose very original pieces, something only people with good taste would choose.
    Keep up the great work! I have bookmarked your blog into my “Fashion Blogs” folder.
    Good Luck in your future articles, you have a fan.


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