The summer is the only season we are waiting for through the other nine months. Even though the weather is too hot outside and the season has a lot of disadvantages. We waited for summer all our lives. It was holidays during my kindergarten and school years, and it’s a kind of reunion with friends and family now, And of course my birthday (which I had always regret about when I was younger, but now I’m glad that it is in summer). Summer is time for travelling, having small trips with the best of your friends, getting married, lying and doing nothing near the sea, reading all the books you left unread in winter, wearing all your accessories…… just think we do all we want to do and we become who we want to….

This is my summer 2013. The things which will help me to be who I want to be during these summer….

I’ll be adding the pieces to the list during the summer.

Frozen 2, Dior

I was in love with Dior Demoiselle sunglasses when I first saw them, but When they came to store my love ended. They didn’t fit my face and looked awkward, funny and silly at the same time.. I tried some others there too but I was so unhappy that I couldn’t choose another one. About a week ago when I was searching for the perfect pair for these summer I met Frozen2 and I remembered that I tried them and liked them but unfortunately the available color was pink(I dont like pink). now I think I’ll hunt for these beauties.

La Sardina St Tropez, Lomography

St. Tropez, France, French people, Francaise I’m crazy about all of that. The other day I was on a Lomography workshop where I find this one. The camera is exactly the same as my Lomography camera, the only difference is the print and St. Tropez and I’m still thinking may be I need it?

Dali in light blue, Soludos

Summer is the time when the least you want is to walk in uncomfortable shoes. and I have problems with it right now. I left my both my Toms in Baku and my sister bought me a new pair in the wrong size(and Yes, she is my sister :D). So I need something too comfortable I saw Soludus Espadrilles in the store but my size was missing, so I ordered them from Shopbop, of course in my favourite s/s13 colour.

Dior Homme Cologne, Dior
After Dior stopped producing Miss Dior L’eau I started using a lot of different fragrances at the same time, but none of of them are satisfying, But now This smell……. It smell like the reach, rested, middle aged man. my bf didn’t like it but I’m definitely going to take one for myself. 

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