Lip Balm Edition

Finding a lip balm is not one of the easiest things. I  know that quite well, because my lips are dry and chapped since my childhood. I started to use lip balms only 2 years ago, the reason is that I always thought that all of the lip balm are too oily and I was wrong, of course there is no powdered lip balm on earth yet, but still, some of them are not that bad. The reason Why I’m posting about the lip balms is I didn’t find the one that I love and can stick to it and stop looking for the better one.

The first part is about the lip balms that I already used, The second list is about the ones that I want to buy and test maybe I’ll find the one. btw it’s not only about how good it works I also consider about the package, taste, and application.  so here we go:

1. Rouge Coco, Chanel | The package is chic and it’s Chanel. But it doesn’t help much, just softens a little. Normal smell and taste. used: 2 pc

2. Cold Cream, Avene | Easy to find in pharmacies. The package is too simple. Helps a lot and has the best texture like it’s said It’s like a hard cold cream and practically doesn’t shine at all. No taste and good smell. used: 2pc and still have it in my cosmetic bag

3. Lip Balm, Bobbi Brown | I loved the package and it was the reason for me to buy it. But the application is horrible, I hate to put balm with my fingers(they are not clean all day long) so I just put my lips inside of the silver tin and move inside it(my husband laughs every time), but it’s not practical I can not put it in front of the people. The texture is waxy. Helps quite well. Normal smell and taste. used: 1pc  didn’t finish yet

4. Baume In Love, Lancome | I had it in special package and it was a pleasure to apply it every time. These lip balm have a color mine was Coral Eectric(120). The color is barely seen, but the lipstcik shines a lot. used: 1pc saved the package

5. Eucalyptus Lip Relief, Kiehl’s | Discovered this one about a month ago. I was happily shocked when I got a cooling effect on my lips. Never had that kind of a lip balm. Helps but for short temporary time. Texture is a little oily. Smell is ok, but it tastes like a medicine. used: 1pc and I think I lost it today

And these are in my Wishlist, some of them had a great reviews on the internet and some have attractive package:

La Mer
Christian Dior
Jack Black
Marc Jacobs
Lip Balm Edition

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