nana’S Silver Story

This post is dedicated to my friend Nana who was in desperate need to fall in love with the heels. The only shoes that made it happen are the Silver Pumps. And it made me think, if Silver is that magical and can heal even her, I have to post the best silver shoes and maybe I could help all the desperate ones out there. So let’s begin with the heels and then take a look to the silver flat shoes.

1st: Roger Vivier sandals, Jimmy Choo sandals, J.Crew pumps, Gianvito Rossi sandals, Atazzura sandals;
2nd: Tamara Mellon pumps, Gianvitp Rossi pumps, Fendi sandals, Jimmy Choo sandals,Nickolas Kirkwood sandals;
3rd: Dolce&Gabana sandals, Saint Laurent laceup boots, Marni sandals.
1st: Stella Mccartney ballet flats, Saint Laurent ballet flats, K.Jaques sandals;
2nd: Saint Laurent sneakers, Saint Laurent slip ons, Converse sneakers, Nike wedge sneakers;
3rd: Marc by Marc Jacobs sneakers, Hogan sneakers.
nana’S Silver Story

One thought on “nana’S Silver Story

  1. […] After having an obsession over silver sneakers (3rd pair is in my shopping bag right now) I would like to share the best of gold sneakers available now. Either you are on a silver side like me or you prefer rococo gold, with metallic sneakers you are a queen of comfort. For the silver side of story check my Silver Story post. […]


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