Bright Lip Care

It’s fresh skin spring time! What means a lot of hydrating foundations, highlighters and lip balms. To keep up with the bold lip colour trend this spring your number one must have is going to be hydrating lipstick/lipgloss. New lip products from spring 2015 collections promise not only the bright colours, but also the best care. 
Dior Rouge Brillant comes in timeless rouge dior shades, which means #999(in pic above) is definitely going to be in my make up bag soon. Rouge Dior Baume is one of my favourites lately, I used #760 during the cold winter days and #758 for parisienne moments (here shown in #668).

Clarins is the best choice when it comes to hydrating. Instant Light Lip Perfector gives natural looking colour and shine. I use #03 my pink(in pic above) which adjusts the colour of the lips to create a personalised pink tint. Instant Light Lip Comfort Oil is made of 100% plant oils and have 2 shades honey and raspberry(in pic above).

Givenchy Le Rouge a Porter is luxurious lipstick line we all are waiting for. 16 shades of lipsticks will be available in stylish leather packaging in April.
Ultra hydrating lipstick Rouge Coco by Chanel is reinvented. Now it has a new formula and vibrant colour spectrum, the names of the new shades are inspired by Coco Chanels closest friends. In the pic above my favourite #454 Jean and rich red #444 Gabrielle.
Bright Lip Care

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