Brow Gel

Keep it natural is number one make up rule for summer. Weightless foundation for healthy glow, blush for sun kissed cheeks, shiny gloss to compliment summer skin, mascara for extra volume and length and the last step for naturally framed eyes, brow styler to add defining shape to the the eyes. The brow obsession founded by Cara Delevingne and continued by us affected make up brands in improving their brow products. You can find transparent and tinted brow gels both in drugstores and boutiques. While most of them have mascara like applicators Dior released click-brush applicator, which gives lots of promises. For example my biggest problem with transparent brow gel is the brush is stained with foundation (don’t ask how) and transparent gel becomes beige. Only because of this in the last month I bought 3 transparent brow gels: Mac, Bobbi Brown, Dior. They all are pretty similar. But the packaging of Dior will make it last longer.
Rimmel, Maybelline, Benefit (one of my old time favourite tinted brow gel);
Nars, MAC, Bobbi Brown, Dior.

Brow Gel

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