Carine Roitfeld for UNIQLO

Former editor of Vogue Paris Carine Roitfeld presented her collection for Japanese label Uniqlo at Paris Fashion Week. 40 designs include pencil skirts, tailored blazers, silk shirts, leopard prints and black tights, all essentials of Carine Roitfeld’s wardrobe.

carine-roitfeld-uniqlo-02_9-25-15.0 7c6d324e-cfe0-4fed-9698-4cedcfbff27d-2060x1907 c82a7e6a-e790-4891-b877-0016f5f8d960-2060x1803 59beec56-a91d-4d0a-839d-08ba95e340a4-1960x2040 4f9120ad-74a3-4816-b2d1-79ca27315eb4-2060x1670

Carine Roitfeld for UNIQLO

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