Hair Care

First of all to have beautiful healthy looking hair you need a professional to take care of your hair. I found mine in MM Bahcecik saloon in Istanbul and without any hesitation I trust Gokhan (special thanks to my friend who took me there for the first time).

To take care of  your hair in between hair appointments (mine are like once in two months)  some basic products are needed. I would like to share the best I found and use for my hair and you will be surprised that high quality fundamentals are just enough.

Brushing does a lot of good stuff to the hair, but some brushes like the wooden paddle brush from Aveda helps you to calm down too. I’m using it for more than 3 years and it’s amazing. The other brush I own is famous Tangle Teezer. The compact size is perfect for travelling and after brushing with this one my hair is very smooth and it is also good for head scratching. Yet somewhere in London dream hairbrushes are made at Maison Pearson. This is the brush all beauty editors talk about and I dream of owning one, even though it costs more than 200$.

best brush
Aveda, Tangle Teezer, Maison Pearson.

When it comes to hair washing we all get lazy. But the right products can help and make the process easier. I tried a lot of shampoos and then I was advised by my hairdresser Gokhan the Discipline series from Kerastase. This line is perfect for smoothing my frizzy hair and it has sulphate free shampoo too. Sometimes when I feel that my hair gets dry I use Elixir Ultime series that includes oil shampoo. Normally I use shampoo plus hair conditioner or mask depending how much time I want to spend in the shower. To find the right Kerastase Regimen for your hair use Diagnose My Hair feature on their website.

Kerastase Discipline Regimen

There is only one product I use to style, prep and smooth  my hair which is Kerastase Elixir Ultime Original Oil. It’s more than perfect and ideal for every occasion. For these who are afraid of oily texture and being weighed down a new product Bi-Phase Spray Oil was released earlier this year with 101 secrets to sublime shine book.

Kerastase Elixir Ultime original oil and bi-phase spray oil.

Along with the smell of shampoo which I really like,I love when My hair smells differently, this is why I use Miss Dior Hair Mist. It also helps when your hair smells cigarettes or something else that you don’t like. There are many hair fragrances available lately from Chanel, Byredo, Balmain, L’Occitane, Viktor and Rolf, Sachajuan and etc.

That’s it. I try to use the products with the best quality, I have a professional to take care of my hair and I do not use(and I don’t own) a blow drier(THE MAIN SECRET). Of course once a month I get tempted and use a flat iron. I use Braun Satin Hair 7 SensoCare and it’s one of the safest flat irons available (it has emotions: smiles when you do it right and gets sad when you don’t).

Braun Satin Hair 7 SensoCare

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Hair Care

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