Life Happens

It’s been so long since I stopped blogging. So much stuff happened. I have moved back to Baku, Azerbaijan, earned my first money and I was trying to become a conscious shopper. Of course, it doesn’t mean I hadn’t splurge on YSL Opium pumps, stopped myself from buying a black pair of No.21 mules during the sales or bought several expensive dresses. But now my wardrobe filled with essentials: several pairs of jeans and pants, plain white t-shirts and shirts plus some dark coloured blouses. That’s it. I still have my old clothes hanging in there which I almost never wore during my one year absence (I know I need to clean my closet). Now I spent less time choosing what to wear. However, I became bored of wearing only the basics. I felt like I needed a screaming piece and got a red down jacket from my favourite Moncler for the upcoming winter. And I’m looking for new pieces to add to fall-winter 2017 shopping list like comfortable designer sneakers, a wool scarf, a pant suit to fulfil my feminist side, a DVF wrap dress and Manu Atelier bag which I’ve been eyeing for a year and I definitely need to get it now, especially after I left Istanbul. It’ll be a great bag for me to carry everyday as a reminder of all the time I spent there. Yes, I miss Istanbul.


  • Manu Atelier bag
  • Balenciaga sneakers
  • Moncler jacket
  • Kenzo scarf
Life Happens

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