Style and How to Have One

“Do I look stylish?”, “Do I have a style?”, “Can I change my style?” and “What is style?” these are the questions we have in mind, but afraid to ask. What is it about having a specific style is so much important? Being in my 20s and having my life change dramatically every year, I still do not have a particular style I can refer to. My style is something in between classic, parisian and minimalist. But do I have to fit in the borders of certain style? I don’t think so, at least for now. Because 20s are for exploring the world, acknowledging yourself and becoming who you are (I wish I’ll be more sure about who I’m in this life in my 30s). I have my worst looks I regret, I have the ones I’m embarrassed even to talk about and this is ok. Fashion is all about trying and finding who you are.

In between exploring the world, take some time and read books from the ones who experienced all of that and have a lot of professional advice I found very helpful.

One of the latest books about style “Love,Style,Life” by Garance Dore has the best tips for everyday life, because style is all about you and your life (visit for a little preview of the book).

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Style and How to Have One

Gift Guide: Lifestyle

Some people can not imagine their lives without music and some without champagne on sunday brunch. Do you have a friend who hosts parties during weekends or the one who uses every opportunity to travel? Take a moment to think about lifestyle of a person you want to surprise and be ready to receive a thank you note after the holidays.

lifestyle gifts.jpg

  • Beats by Dre x Fendi Headphones
  • Polaroid Zip Instant Photoprinter
  • Crate&Barrel Camille Champaigne Glasses
  • Smythson Currency Wallet
  • Hector Saxe Denim and Leather Backgammon
  • Baccarat Narghile Water Pipe
  • Kusmi Green Teas Assortment
  • Io Hawk Board
  • Jawbone Up4 Fitness Bracelet
  • Rimowa Limbo Cabin Multiwheel
Gift Guide: Lifestyle

Gift Guide: Black and White Essentials

Having problems with picking a gift? No need to stress out, here are essentials that will make everyone happy to receive.

black and white essentials

  • Ipad Pro, with mysterious screen is great for sketching, reading magazines and watching movies, so why not to have one?
  • Foreo designs the chicest electric toothbrush one can ever see, click here to buy.
  • Larsson&Jennings contemporary watch with silver plated metal chain is perfect minimalist accent for the wrist, click here or here to buy.
  • Equipment’s luxury pajamas made from washed silk in b/w star print, click here to buy.
  • Smythson presents very well crafted black perforated leather passport cover with Europe’s map, who would say no? click here to buy.
  • Cartier diamond trinity earrings, nothing needs to be said, because diamonds are a girl’s best friend.
  • Chanel le jour, la nuit, le weekend skincare products are essentials for face care.
  • Valentino sneakers which are in everyone’s wishlist are luxe alternative to a pair of Stan Smith shoes, click here to buy.
  • Saint Laurent Sac de Jour bag has a magic in it’s name (translates from french as day bag or bag of the day), click here to buy.
  • Clarisonic Smart Profile face and body cleanser is a product every user falls in love with and can’t live without.

Gift Guide: Black and White Essentials

TAG Heuer Connected

Tag Heuer launched Connected smartwatch with 1500$(or 1350€) price tag and the Android Wear operating system. The first luxury smartwatch boasts an Intel chip inside. Even thought Connected is a product of swiss watchmaking it is not going to be branded “swiss made”, because most of the components coming from Silicon Valley and manufacturing in China. Tag Heuer Connected will be the first one in the family branded “swiss engineered”. The smartwatch will be upgradable, but for buyers who will be willing to switch to a mechanical watch Tag Heuer offers a special edition traditional watch with an extra cost of 1500$(or 1350€) and trading in Connected timepiece.

TAG Heuer Connected


During my little absence in virtual word I was in Berlin. The city that has the darkest history in the last century. Even with little knowledge of the past the spirit of bad incidents accompanied me through the city. The famous names of modern architecture such as Peter Eisenmen and Daniel Libeskind left their marks following the history of Berlin. There is also an influence of Bauhaus and its directors Walter Gropius and Ludwig Mies van der Rohe in the architecture of the city.

Berliner Dome

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Wrist watch

Finally, iWatch is available for all of us. A new generation of “watches” now spreading all over the world. But is everyone going to betray a classic wrist watch? I don’t think so and many of you will agree with me. Over the years a watch became a jewellery valued more for its aesthetic appeal and mechanical engineering than timekeeping. People are not wearing watches to tell time, watch is a symbol of something special. As much as iWatch is clever enough to ease life, a dream of owning gorgeous timepiece that can be passed down though generations is not going anywhere. Don’t underestimate the power of tradition.

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